Sunday, July 7, 2013

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

We are up north in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In a small town named Helmer, about an hour from Newberry. My grandparents have a cabin on Manistique Lake and that was the venue of our 12th annual family reunion.

Christian joined me, my mom, sister, and sister's friend on the six hour car ride, over the Mackinac Bridge, to the cabin. We stopped at Clyde's Drive-In for burgers and then hung out on the Lake Michigan beach.

July 5th was a day full of excitement. We went out on paddle boats, played badminton, drove a golf cart, ate home made ice cream, and had a potluck with the very large family, 14 of which included dogs.

In the mist of all this excitement, we found a baby duck that had been separated from its mother. Our dog had chased in until it was wedged in between some wood and Christian had to pull it out. We held on to it for a while, waiting for the mother duck to come by, but after a few hours we just let it go. Then all of a sudden, the mother duck comes out and they are reunited! Apparently the duckling having a human scent on it is not a problem for ducks.

After all the craziness, Christian and I went out in the paddle boat and watched the sun set.

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